Top 5 Trendy Lipstick Shades 2015

Hello, lipstick lovers!

I have to say, that it took me longer then usual to write this post. I love all different colors of lipsticks, from very bright to neutral and I have so many favorites. But my goal was to choose only 5 top notch lipsticks that I currently love, so yes, it was challenging. If you hunting down for that perfect lipstick ladies this season or if your go-to lip shade is looking a bit blah these days, spice things up with one of the season's hottest colors. Brighten up with these totally on-trend lippies. Style conscious women and girls always look for the trendy shades of the lipstick as they know what importance a right lipstick holds for them.

Here are the top 5 trendy lipstick shades 2015 for women.

Bubble Gum Pink Lipstick 2015
Femininity makes women look more feminine, thus more beautiful. Decent chewing gum pink shade of lipstick is such a shade that really adds a more feminine touch to the personality of a woman. Chewing Gum pink shade is in trend in 2015 for a stylish touch with the addition of a dark black eyeliner. Outfits in white and soft pink colors with floral prints are the best to match it. Chewing pink shade is especially the perfect shade for winter season, having the capacity of canceling the negative effects of the harsh winter season from our lips by giving our lips a rosy touch. This amazing shade lasts longer.

Rose Lipstick 2015
Red is an ever trendy color as it has a large diversity of shades. 2015 seems to be a year of awesome flowering red shade. Flowery red lipstick shade is the most needed shade of the lipstick. The flowery red lipstick makes one’s lips look intimate. Outfits in sheer prints work well with this bold, intimate shade of the lipstick. Go for metallic shades if you have a dark complexion and for fair skin go for neutral shades for cheek bones.

Hot Pink Lipstick 2015
Pink shade can never go out of fashion. Blistering pink shade is a striking shade for women having a dark complexion. It is really a striking shade 2015 for women, makes the beauty of one’s face inspiring. Blistering pink shade is such a shade that has always been loved and it is still being liked in 2015. Hot pink accessories in combination with white are fine to wear with this blistering shade of lipstick. Light golden and sea green accessories are also ok to opt for. Although this sparkling color is ok for all shapes of the lips, but this bright color grants a new beauty and new life to broad and round lips.

Hot Orange Lipstick 2015
In 2015, orange lipstick shade is in a style similar to the other fashion accessories in orange shade that are being admired in 2015. Orange lipstick gives our face a sunny and pretty touch. Accessories in deep carrot orange, deep saffron, flame, dark orange and cadmium orange are the right one with this striking shade of lipstick. Electric orange shade is an outstanding shade 2015 for bold girls right from the London Fashion Week 2015 being the most common among the stylish celebrities. Orange red shade is the trendiest shade 2015.

Electrical Purple Lipstick 2015
Purple is also the right and the most honest shade for the women as it gives women somewhat a distinct and alluring feeling. Purple color has a large range of tinges but in 2015 exciting purple color has come into a requirement. Bright metallic touch in purple shade will make the lips more glowing, hot and captivating. Girls get the feeling of a Barbecue dolly by wearing this bright shade on their lips. For women with dark hair this is a fabulous shade. Do not forget to try an exciting purple shade if you are going to have amusement in any college party or in a formal get together for outstanding, beautiful and sparkling lips.

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