How To Choose The Right Color Blush

Nothing brightens up your face like a swipe of blush! But when it comes to finding the perfect shade, it’s important to consider your skin tone. To select the right blush colors for your skin tone, first consider whether you have cool (blue) or warm (yellow) undertones in your skin. Then follow these rules. Don’t fight your complexion by picking a shade that’s opposite your skin tone (pale skin with cool undertones, for example, won’t look good with warm apricot blush). At the same time, don’t choose a color that has too many of the same undertones (a pinky-violet blush could make pale skin with cool undertones look ruddy or blotchy).

It’s a tricky balancing act! Check out the chart below for help, and remember when you’re shopping to pick out a light and a bright version. “To double check that you have the right bright shade, hold the blush color next to your cheeks. It should immediately brighten your face."

Fair skin tone with cool undertones 
baby pink with hints of mocha or beige; soft rose
Fair skin tone with warm undertones 
golden apricot; light peach with a touch of pink

Medium skin tone with cool undertones 
cranberry or light raspberry; rosy pink
     Medium skin tone with warm undertones      sun kissed apricot; 
soft coral with brown undertones

Dark skin tone with cool undertones  
plum; grape; dark raspberry
Dark skin tone with warm undertones
 brown suede; deep coral with a little bronze

Also, foundation and powder can affect how blush appears on skin. For the most flattering results, make sure that foundation makeup matches skin tone. Test blush products over the makeup they will be worn with and view the combination in natural light. Skin variations such as hyperpigmentation and acne can also affect blush choice. Start with a blush format best suited to skin type. Blemish-prone or sensitive skin usually does better with a hypoallergenic powder blush than with wet formulas that can clog pores. Cream blushes are more moisturizing for dry or mature skin and apply more easily over liquid foundation. Using the right type of blush ensures the most even and natural deposit of color. Blush color can help soften or camouflage skin imperfections. For reddened skin, try a neutral color with brown undertones. If skin appears dull, consider a product with a hint of shimmer, such as a mineral formula. Sheer blushes can flatter mature skin with a fresh and subtle look.

❤ I hope these tips were helpful on how to choose the right color blush for your skin. Share in the comments section below! ❤

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