My Current Top 5 Lip Balms


I received this lip balm as a gift from my mom last year. Once I tried it, I felt in love with it! The packaging is soooooo cute! The fascinating thing about this lip product is that it apparently works with the chemistry of your lips to create a personalized shade. It does what it says, so the color matches you what ever color you are. It also hydrates your lips with a light weight balm. It has mango butter inside as well as SPF 10 to help protect against the sun. I was getting bored of a sticky colored lipgloss so wanted something a bit different. I used it all the summer and now enjoy using it to hydrate my lips in winter. It gives you a natural pink color, but it still looks like you have some color on your lips. It is a bit pricey but with it being Dior this is expected. It is worth the money as there isn't anything else on the market like this.

EOS LIP BALM | $3.49

This lip balm was on my wish list to try for awhile now. I finally did few weeks ago. It's light and playful, with peachy and delightful tone. I find this one to be well moisturizing, and I really love it. I personally love the cute spherical packaging, which is one of my favorite smells. The smell is light and refreshing, sweet but unobtrusive vaguely tropical fruit flavour and not in the slightest overwhelming. The lip balm may not have the greatest hydration in all the world, but it is still a good buy. It's completely natural and 95% organic as well. The gimmick here is the packaging, and either you can live with it or you can't. This won't fit into a pocket or a smaller bag so it's somewhat limited, but it does fine in a larger tote or parked on my desk or nightstand. I find the packaging very cute and appealing, and I'm perfectly content applying the flattened orb to my lips.


I bought this in search of another moisturizing balm in my collection, and supposed that the pink would be a nice, subtle little plus if I was feeling naked-lipped. It's actually super-duper, mostly-sheer Barbie pink! Gives me the prettiest, pinkest, most kissable lips. I think this is a really cute lip balm. I've been getting a lot of compliments on the color and I think everyone should try it at least once.


I have been using "Aquaphor Lip Repair + Protect Broad Spectrum SPF 30" for a long time now, and what I like about it is that it has SPF 30 and leaves my lips moist and smooth. This is a very good, inexpensive, and fragrance-free lip balm! Kudos to Eucerin for providing broad-spectrum sun protection that includes stabilized avobenzone for critical UVA (think anti-aging) screening. The Vaseline (petrolatum)-based formula feels emollient and leaves a soft glossy finish. This is too greasy to apply lipstick over (at least if you expect the lipstick to last) but is fine on its own or topped with a light layer or lip gloss. I also use one without SPF "Aquaphor Lip Repair" for nighttime, but might exchange this version for one that has more antioxidants and titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as active ingredients.


Chock full of shea butter and rice wax, this balm basically melts on your lips just like, you guessed it, butter. I love it for its double-duty beauty powers as a blush stain when applied to the apples of my cheeks for a natural-looking flush. Very nice moisturizing balm that can be worn instead of lipstick on low maintenance days! It moisturizes my lips really well, so no nasty crumbs or dry patches appear. I always soak my lips in it before I go to bed. My husband loves kissing me when I wear this, he says the fragrance is really attractive. Personally, I really like the color and since it goes with my skin tone so well, I also use it in my No make-up Make-up look. Willing to try some of the other colors, too, but at the moment I am so in love with the Pomegranate tint, I probably won`t stray too far.

❤ What are your current favorite lip balms? Have you tried the ones I mentioned above? Share in the comments section below! ❤

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