This Week's Favorites #2


If you've read my last week's post, then you probably already know that I am a lover of tea. So, every other week I pick out a new flavor to try. This week I've tried peach mango flavor, which I love. Just imagine an island getaway with every sip of this delectable taste treat of juicy, ripe mango and peach flavors. Its very fragrant, very peachy, more than the mango which is fine. Its not bitter, not too sweet either.


Tiramisu is my favorite desert, so I was very excited when Starbucks came out with Tiramisu blended beverage. It's coffee blended with creamy mascarpone flavor, milk and ice, topped with a dusting of rich cocoa powder. It's very rich and most likely high in calories, but it tastes yummy. Who said we can't enjoy ourselves once in awhile. I sure recommend for all of you Tiramisu lovers to try.


Based on a true story, "Gimme Shelter" ultimately is about the work of Kathy DiFiore, who created Christian shelters for pregnant teens who want to keep their babies. Also, a life of a teenager (played by Vanessa Hudgins), who grew up in abusive home, trying to survive and find a meaning to her life. I always wanted to see this movie, so finally looking through Amazon prime trying to find an inspirational movie to watch, I came across this one. My husband and kids also watched it with me. I'm happy to say it was more than I was hoping for in the telling of this true story. Through so much hardship, sadness and pain, the beautiful young lady inside Agnes (Apple) emerges when love, respect and hope are offered to her. The performance by Vanessa was outstanding! What a drastic transformation. The movie drew me right into it! I wanted to reach out and help her! I really like James Earl Jones and I'm glad to see him play the role of the Catholic priest. I am recommending this movie to everyone. It will change your perspective on life, things we don't see happening around us everday.


Another great mascara from Lancome. Adds length and volume to my lashes. Looks very natural. Washes off easily with my cleanser at night. Did not irritate my sensitive eyes. It defines all my lashes. Another great quality is that it doesn't smudge or flake.


I love these wipes. They remove all types of make up easily, and are very gentle to the skin. Will purchase again and again. The scent is not off putting, and they do not make me break out. I did a review on this product, you can read about it here.


I love celebrating my birthdays! It doesn't matter how old I am and I actually don't mind getting older. It's not about the age, but how you feel inside and out and I feel great. I treated myself for a pedicure and a manicure, which I don't get to indulge myself often. It felt amazing and so relaxing. My husband took me out to dinner. We've had a great time and ate delicious food. Later that night, he suprised me with cupcakes. I lovee cupcakes! My co-workers suprised me with a cake and one of the doctors bought us breakfast from Panera Bread, delicious variety of bagels with different kinds of spreads. Since, my family far away, they all wished me happy birthday over social media, phone call or skype. I've had a great birthday and can't wait for next year!


Really liked this color! I bought it together with mint candy apple nail polish. It's darker than a pastel, more of a light-medium shade of lilac/orchid, and 2 coats makes it opaque. This is a great spring color and once I painted my nails, it lasted for about a week.


As much as I like chai tea, I had to try these new inventions by international delight. These Chai Tea Latte flavors have “fragrant notes of cinnamon, clove & ginger” blended with black tea and vanilla or caramel. I pour it over ice with a splash of half&half and it's delish!

❤ What are your favorites this week? Share in the comments section below! ❤

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