This Week's Favorites #4


I was given a bottle as a present for my birthday. The first two words that came to mind were "pink" and "adorable"! Pleasures Bloom is incredibly fresh, and what I consider to be a perfect fragrance for Spring and the start of Summer. On me, it opened up with juicy, pink grapefruit (rather than yellow grapefruit). After the initial blast of that, I started to smell big, plump, fresh Lychees and strawberries followed by pink roses, blooming jasmine and violets! Every note I've listed seems to mesh together beautifully during the drydown and makes for an incredibly feminine, fun, fresh, "I'M HERE" type of fragrance.


It's that time of the year again. Fair is back to town and we as a family were anxious to go there. It was a perfect day, warm and sunny. This year I have decided not to ride any rides, but instead spend more quality time with my husband (since he can't tolerate riding rides anymore). Kids on the other hand rode all the rides. We stayed close to Annabella, since she is 6. Angelika was hanging out with her teen friends. We've tried the most delicious homemade doughnuts and iced tea, made by amnish family. We all had an amazing time and looking forward to next year!


I am always looking for the miracle eye cream/balm and have been using Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Eye Cream for the past 6 months. It works great, but it's a little too strong. I've noticed my eye area would get a little dry patches, so I was only able to use it once a week. On my birthday, my mom send me a box with lots of skincare and makeup products from Estee Lauder and one of them was Revitalizing Global Anti-aging Eye Balm. It's been a little over a month since I've started using it, nightly. What I love about this product is, it's rich and adds tons of moisture to the under eye area that last all day. It's consistency is perfect. It works right into the delicate skin around the eyes with a few gentle massage strokes and ring finger taps. The skin around my eyes is visibly more vibrant and the fine lines are less noticeable. It is thrilling to find an eye cream that works this good. Highly recommend. Looking forward to even more great results!


I love, love, love watermelon! In fact it's my favorite fruit. Watermelon season started couple weeks ago here in Florida, and I'm so excited. I typically eat watermelon everyday until season is over (no joke). And believe or not, I don't get tired of it.


I love EOS lip balms, so I have decided to add one more to my collection. The Pomegranate Raspberry EOS has a subtle berry smell, which is perfect for people who don't like strong smells. It is moisturizing and non sticky. I love the feel, texture, packaging & application. My lips feel smooth, healthy & hydrated.


Honestly, I thought it was a wonderful movie! It was extremely sad but I thought it sends a great message. Amanda and Dawson had gone through some really tough times, but their love for each other was mesmerizing. From being together even after their struggles with family and then losing each other, but then finding each other again, and then losing each other again. It was very difficult for me to watch and I had to keep my emotions in check. But I'm very empathetic person, so I wouldn't expect anything less. I love the two main actors James Marsden (playing Dawson) and Michelle Monaghan (playing Amanda). It was also great seeing some new actors on screen as well. I have never felt so touched and compelled by a story as much as The Best of Me from Nicholas Sparks! I feel that his books are usually about Life, Love, and Loss. I feel like that is what life is all about.


I've been using Simple Soothing Facial Toner, but wanted to try something new. I've had an eye on Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Toner for awhile now, so finally I got it. Packaging is nice and clean. Feels refreshing on skin. It's a great toner to clean any leftover makeup and leaves my skin feeling nice and clean. Most important thing of all is that it's not irritating to my skin at all and I do feel that it cleans my skin properly while offering it a bit of moisture. It's not super mattifying, but it does pretty well on my oily skin. I've also noticed less acne breakouts since I started using it - whether it can be attributed solely to this toner I don't know, but I've really experienced a big difference.

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