Nails Of The Week: Nicole by OPI Carnival Cotton Candy

Summer is finally here and I'm so excited about it. What I love most about this time of the year is spending my weekends at the beach, enjoying warm weather, swimming in the ocean and watching beautiful sunsets. I also love wearing brighter color clothes, which I'm sure most of us ladies do, especially sun dresses.

Lately, I've been loving painting my nails. I have so many different colors of nail polishes in my collection that I have decided to do a post every Saturday to introduce you to some of my old and new favorite brands. I hope you'll enjoy reading it!

Today, I’m reviewing Nicole by OPI Carnival Cotton Candy!

It’s a sweet pink that I can see many of us young ladies are drooling over because it has that innocent and playful look to it. Since it has a creme finish and it’s pigmented, you could use this as a base for lots of wonderful nail creations!

The name ‘Carnival Cotton Candy’ reminds me of a carnival/fair that I'm always looking forward to visit with my girls when it's in town. I always treat myself and girls to cotton candy. And since one of my favorite colors is pink, the candy floss would always be pink.

If you’re into Barbie pinks, I have no doubt that you’ll be thrilled with Nicole by OPI Carnival Cotton Candy. It has sweetness in spades! It's a perfect color for summer, has a smooth, creme finish that’s very easy to work with. If you don’t already have a staple pink in your collection, this is a great one to pick up.

As with most cremes, this one was no exception – it glided on very easily, and I only needed two coats to achieve complete opacity.

The formula is especially great for those who may be new to the nail world. When you’re using something as creamy as this one, you can concentrate more on your application technique and less time struggling with a bad formula. You can think of this like nail-polish ‘training wheels’ in a way!

❤ Do you wear pink polish more on your fingernails or toenails? Do you wear pink clothing to match your pink polish? Do you remember the first pink lacquer you purchased? Share in the comments section below! ❤

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