Nails Of The Week: Essie Play Date

Another week has passed and another month is almost coming to an end. I hope all of you had a great week! This week has been dragging at work. Weird, because it's definitely has been busier then last week now that everybody is back from their vacation. Friday, I took a day off to go to an oral surgeon to extract my tooth that was infected. I was terrified, but had my lovely husband there by my side to support me. After all, it wasn't bad at all. Surgeon and his staff did an amazing job. Angelika is taking saxophone lessons this week. She loves it! Now, she knows how to play on three instruments: guitar, clarinet and saxophone. I'm very proud of her!!!

Today, I'm reviewing Essie Play Date!

Essie Play Date nail polish is 2014’s Most Shared shade on Twitter. It’s a soft lavender that is slightly electrified. It’s very soft and flirty and I think it’s a perfect alternative to the conventional pinks and reds this season.

I am a huge fan of Essie nail polish and always get complements on my nails. Play Date has been a fan favorite among all of my friends. It's definitely one of my favorite shades from Essie’s Go Overboard collection! Purple nail polish in general is probably my favorite color to wear. It's is a gorgeous bright pastel purple, unique because it's a pastel but their is a almost neon factor to it.

Essie has the cutest bottles, square glass embossed with "essie" on 2 sides. They have a white plastic cap, on the shorter side, with a medium-length stem. The brush is petite, thin and flexible. I like Essie's brush because it makes it easier for me to control & position the polish just where I want it. Play Date's formula was average, not streaky, and has a bit of that squishy jelly-creme quality that I have come to expect from Essie. It wasn't super-pigmented but it applied nicely in two thin coats and dried pretty shiny.

One of my favorite things about Essie brand is that it dries pretty quickly. This particular color is thicker than the others, and starts to set FAST. I recommend making sure you have enough on the brush to coat the nail entirely on the first pass. Let it sit a couple minutes before the second coat. If you go back for more without waiting for it to dry a bit, you're going to gum up the first coat. As long as you work fast with it though, it's a really pretty purple.

I have been wearing the Essie Play Date nail polish for 8 days and the color is still very vibrant and shiny. I have not experienced any chipping or peeling or lifting.

I really like this shade. It’s a little bolder than a lot of the lavendar shades around so you have that extra pop. Another amazing nail polish for summertime.

❤ Have you tried Essie's Play Date? Is there a purple polish that you think is perfect for summer? Share in the comments section below! ❤

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