Nails Of The Week: Salon Perfect Shocked

I hope all of you had a great week! We are few days away from July and I just can't believe that we are six months away from celebrating Christmas, again. I personally can't wait for the holiday season to arrive, because I'm planning to visit my family in Virginia. I miss them so much! This week has been more of a laid back week. I took couple days off from work to deal with my tooth that was extracted on Friday of last week. I was able to relax and have some "Me Time". Angelika finished her saxophone lessons. She enjoyed learning how to play a new instrument. It will definitely benefit her in high school.

Today, I'm reviewing Salon Perfect Shocked!

For those who are unaware, Salon Perfect is a division of AII (makers of China Glaze) and their polishes are sold exclusively at Walmart.

On a trip to my local Walmart store this week, I came across an enormous cardboard display the size of a SmartCar full of Salon Perfect polishes. I had never purchased this brand before, so decided to go outside my comfort zone of Essie, OPI, Sally Hansen, Deborah Lippmann, etc...and give it a try. I'm also not into multi-color, glittery nail polishes, so I was really pushing it.

The nail color that stood out the most, was "Shocked". It's a mix of blue and pink matte glitters; heavy on the pink. The color reminds me of a strawberry flavor ice cream with blue sprinkles on top. It's very girly and playful.

The formula of this nail polish is tricky. It's very consistent, a little thick, so while painting my nails I had to shake the bottle few times to thin it out. I was able to use thinner coats and only did a little dabbing here and there to fill in bare spots. Dry time was less then 10 min, which was amazing. Two coats of Salon Perfect Shocked nail polish, plus a top coat were applied in the photo above.

Unfortunately, by not using a thicker top coat, it lasted for two days with significant chipping. After doubling up on a good thicker top coat the second time, it lasted for about five days. So make sure, if you'll decide to try this nail polish to double up on a good thicker top coat.

If you like teeny tiny matte, neon glitters, then you'll probably love these. For me, I think I'll add this to my oldest daughter's nail polish collection. She'll enjoy using it more then I will. They do require a bit of work if you're a stickler for a super smooth, shiny finish, but I think they're worth it. For under $4 a bottle, I think they're a fun choice for summertime if you're looking for something outside of the norm when it comes to drugstore nail polish.

❤ Have you tried any of Salon Perfect nail polishes? What are your thoughts? Share in the comments section below! ❤

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