Short Nails Don't Care

So, I've got that period of time when I was obsessed with my long nails and how pretty and classic they are, but then, the breakage started, one finger after the other until they were a total of four out ten broken! I took the decision and decided to cut them all, short, like really short. And I did it! It felt like my fingers now are naked or something like that, but ehh, I think I am falling in love with them!

Even though I used to clean and file my nails twice a week, when I cut them, there was a thin layer of dirt close to the nail base, which disgusting! And let's face it, yellow/dark nails can be a turn off.

Better For Future
Staying a long time without trimming nails every once in a while is the worst thing you can do to your nails; because it's just like hair, needs to get cut every now and then.

Great Access!
Have you ever struggled with typing on your phone or keyboard, or even couldn't catch the small things? Yep, that's a disadvantage I got rid of now.

Shut That Nightmare
You always worry when you got to open a can, or got afraid of the split ends of your nails while having a shower, or even folding the clothes like what happened with me? No offense, I've always worried about breaking one of my masterpieces.

Get Off The Lane!
Long nails are the trend of all the time, but why not trying to create your own trend instead of having the same nails as 101 girls in your school, inspire yourself and others!

❤ Do you prefer long or short nails? Explain, why? Share in the comments section below! ❤

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