5 Ways To Organize And Clean Your Makeup Table

We aren't all neat freaks and one too make overzealous trips down the makeup aisle has left our makeup table overflowing with stuff. Because that's what all your precious makeup becomes when your have one too many of everything, everywhere.

But it isn't just stuff ladies, it is the makeup you used to love, but now resent as it never seems to remain organized. And I feel your pain, because I've been there and done that. I know the clutter causes anxiety. I know you stop using things because it becomes too much efford to weed though all your lip glosses to find what you are looking for. I know you secretly just want to dump all your makeup in the bin and start new. Trust me, I know.

What is more, the accumulated dust could get in contact with your cosmetics and creams, and consequently cause you allergies or bad skin reactions. After all, a beautiful looking, clean and functionally arranged makeup desk will help you get ready faster and will help the whole process run smoothly.

You can take the steps to improve your makeup experience. So, let's start!

1. Start With A Purge
Put all your makeup products on the table and go through each one of them, checking out their best before date. Toss everything which is expired or smells bad. The shelf life of mascara is one of the shortest - only 3 months. When you pump the wand into the tube, it lets bacteria and mots in. As long as it is used on a sensitive part of our body, we cannot compromise.

Foundation has a 12-month expiry period, but it can be easily contaminated by the touch of our dirty fingers. To avoid it, try to purchase products, packed in quality bottles or airtight covers.

2. Wipe The Mirror
We usually fail to notice when our mirror has become dirty, overwhelmed by or flawless reflection in the mirror. But if you take a closer look, you will notice fingerprints, traces of lipstick and mascara on its surface. Grab a window cleaner and a page of an old newspaper, spray the mirror well, scrub thoroughly and cleanse with the newspaper. It will come out spotlessly clean.

3. Clean The Brushes And Sponges
Use a small amount of gentle shampoo or dish soap to wash them, rinse well with warm water and let them dry naturally during the day. If you brushes are made of real hair, like those used by professionals, stick to cleaning with water alone.

4. Place A Desktop Bin Next To Your Makeup Table
You will understand how useful it is when you start filling it with used tissues, pads, fallen hair and old makeup. I did not realize how much I need one, until I bought mine from the local dollar shop and put it on top of the table. It fills up surprisingly fast.

5. Rectify And Assemble
Put your combs and hairbrushes in an old mug. Use a zip lock bag or a smaller mug for the makeup tools and brushes. Everything you use regularly should be placed at your reach, everything else goes into the drawers or in the back. Kitchen utensil organizers, small baskets and containers, and spice racks are perfect for storing make-up in a drawer.

❤ Do you have any other tips on how to keep your makeup area clean and organized? Share in the comments section below! ❤

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