How I Refresh My Makeup During The Day

If you like me, who wears makeup from morning to night then you’re going to need to refresh it at some point during the day. My day typically starts pretty early. My makeup is picture perfect and completely selfie-worthy around 7AM. But after a long morning commute, a series of unexpected meetings, stress, spilled coffee and more stress later, it’s 2 p.m. and my makeup now slowly fading away. Oh no...

With smudges, redness and creasing in tow, a mid-day makeup application is often a necessary evil. But let’s be real, I often don’t have the time, patience or energy to completely re-do my entire look. Applying more product on top of an already made up face can leave me feeling cakey, overdone and just plain uncomfortable. It can be confusing to figure out exactly what parts need touching up. Some touchups are helpful while others don’t have the same effect. Thankfully, I found few makeup and beauty products that helps me to bring my makeup back to life and I can easily bring with me to work in my small makeup bag.

Oil Blotters Are A Must
Before I go into refreshing my makeup, I use an oil blotting paper. They’re a must! They remove the oil, sweat and grime that’s built up on my face during the day. If you don’t follow this step then you’re just adding makeup into the mess. Oil blotters give your face the freshest start for touching up your makeup.

Adding A Touch Of Blush
Blush tends to fade away easily. Therefore, adding a small amount to revive my color is always a good idea. Cream blush is a nice option to carry with you since there’s no need for a brush. A few tiny dots blended in and my color is restored. Refreshing my blush always perks up my face.

Blending In Escaping Concealer
It’s a problem most of us have. The concealer you so carefully applied begins to gather in the fine lines under your eyes or around a blemish. I typically try to take a moment to blend in the excess. My makeup finish looks smoother and everything is still carefully concealed. This is an important part of refreshing my makeup.

Refreshing My Foundation By Touching Up With Powder
When most of us think of touching up our makeup, powder is one of the first products that come to mind. Powder is wonderful at keeping shine down on my face and holding my makeup in place. It has a special ability to make my makeup look complete. Mid-day meltdowns are a thing of the past when I refresh my powder. It’s one of the magic makeup products that’s always the right choice.

Reapply Eyeshadow In Your Crease
As my day drifts by, the eyeshadow in my crease may start to disappear. This happens less when I use a primer, but it’s still something to contend with to some degree. It doesn’t take a lot for me to fix this mid-day makeup need. Applying the smallest amount of eyeshadow to my crease again and I'm set to go. I may even have enough left on the brush from my morning application to do the job.

Skip Extra Mascara And Touch Up With Your Eyeliner Instead
Trying to apply another coat of mascara on top of my morning application doesn’t usually work out well. My lashes are hardened and adding another coat leaves me with crunchy, spidery lashes, which aren’t a good look. I usually skip revitalizing my mascara and try to concentrate on my eyeliner instead. Adding just a touch of eyeliner to the outer corners of my eyes will refresh my eye makeup and give me just what I need for the remainder of the day. It’s the perfect makeup trick to transition your makeup from day to evening, too.

Lipstick Is Always Important
Along with powder, lipstick is the other makeup product commonly thought of when it comes to touchups. Lipstick does need a bit of assistance to get through the day. Eating and drinking can fade it into nothingness. It’s the part of my makeup that usually needs to be refreshed most often. Taking a moment to reapply it can pull my whole face together.

❤ What’re your tips for refreshing your makeup? Share in the comments section below! ❤

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