How You Can Save Money At Starbucks

Hello beautiful people! I have a little confession to make. I always wanted to work at Starbucks (part time, of course!). And not necessarily for the money, but for the experience. I, as I'm sure many of you love a good cup of coffee and Starbucks definitely tops my list. It just seems to add something magical to my day. Their coffee is always made to the perfection, the smell of the coffee shop is dreamy, customer service is outstanding, free Wifi, very clean and quiet and a great choice of music. But of course as we all know it comes with the price. I can't afford daily trips to Starbucks (I wish, I could!), but I know few money saving tricks that I've learned over the years. You can still enjoy your favorite cup of coffee and treats without spending more than necessary.

Let Your Barista Know If Your Drink Is Wrong
The service at Starbucks is amazing, but errors can happen. If your barista gets your drink wrong then let them know. When this happens, they’ll usually fix you another beverage and allow you to keep the one that’s incorrect, too. They may even give you a coupon for a free drink for your next visit. So don’t just deal with a beverage you didn’t want; kindly let them know and it’ll work out to your advantage!

Order Two Cake Pops Instead Of One
Don’t you just love the cake pops from Starbucks? It’s a yummy treat you can enjoy without blowing your diet. Buying two of them cuts the price down on each. So order two and split with a friend or just have an extra to enjoy later. Always buy in volume if it cuts the price per item.

Take Some Extra Napkins With You
The reason you should take some extra napkins with you isn’t just for napkin usage. Starbucks napkins make great oil blotting sheets. If you’ve bought any oil blotting sheets lately then you know they’re expensive little beauty necessities. With the last of summer giving us its strongest heat and humidity, you’re sure to appreciate the dual purpose of Starbucks napkins. This can actually rack up great savings for you.

If You're Craving Chocolate, Go For A Kid's Hot Cocoa
A kid’s hot cocoa is way cheaper than adult sizes. It’s just as chocolaty and is enough to soothe your craving. You can still add shots of your faves to it and request extra whipped cream, just like in adult sizes. It’s true that the temp is a bit cooler, but that just means you won’t burn your tongue, right? It’s a win-win situation!

Get A Refill
Who knew? This one was news to me! This is a great reason to order a smaller size. You can get a refill on your beverage for fifty cents, which means you’re coming out way ahead by choosing this option. Don’t you love the thrill of knowing you’re getting a great deal?

Be Alert For Daily Specials
Sometimes Starbucks will offer daily specials. I often see signs advertising this at my local Starbucks. It’s usually something to the effect of bringing your receipt back later in the day and getting the same drink again for half the price. If that’s not beneficial to you because you try to limit your caffeine late in the day then you can always go decaf. You can also chill your beverage in the fridge so it’s waiting to be enjoyed the next morning.

Ask For Starbucks Gift Cards On Holidays
If you’re truly hooked on Starbucks then spread the word! Let your friends and relatives know that a gift card to this amazing coffee shop would thrill you. I love when someone gives me a Starbucks gift card. It’s awesome to enjoy your favorites and know it’s on someone else’s dime. There’s no occasion that a Starbucks gift card doesn’t work for!

❤ These are some tips on how you can save money at Starbucks. Do you have any money saving Starbucks hacks you’d like to share? Share in the comments section below! ❤

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